Banana is a Danish brand with offices in Copenhagen. It has its roots in 2017, where the founders Christian Cordius and Jacques Noerbo got inspired while travelling the Hawaiian islands as exchange students.

Here they saw a unique opportunity to create a product which offers a alternative to traditional ice-cream. The sustainable, environmentally conscious and nutritionally rich soft-serve enables a positive lifestyle, adding value to Banana itself, every consumer, and society as a whole.

The product is made from bananas, dates, lemon, and vanilla, blended with oat milk and water, then processed by a softice-machine. Banana opened its first store in 2018 in Torvehallerne.

By utilizing bananas that would otherwise be discarded due to their appearance, Banana effectively reduces food waste. Though some consumers and companies view the overly ripe bananas as spoiled, the truth is that at that point the bananas are at their sweetest. This is what allows Banana to create a delicious, sweet product without adding refined sugar.

Since the recipe allows for any fruit, vegetable, or other flavor to be added, it’s only the imagination that sets the limits for what new exiting flavors will be available in the future.

Over the summer of 2018 Banana has had a great introduction to the Danish market, serving hundreds of people daily in Torvehallerne as well as being present at countless festivals, fairs, and events.