Banana is an organic, vegan, sugar-free ice-concept based in Copenhagen, Denmark that provides a unique snack experience. Our vision is to create an environmentally conscious and nutritionally rich dish, inspiring and enabling a healthy lifestyle, while being convenient and accessible.

Some people, and industries, view ripped bananas as spoiled, but that’s when they’re sweetest. In many countries, bananas are the most wasted fruit. In Great Britain nearly 1.4 millions are being tossed every year. At Banana we want to do something about that. 

By using ripe bananas we are using the natural glucose and saccharose in the banana while maintaining all the fibers that make a lower and steady blood pressure so you will avoid a big sugar-rush in your system. By using this method we can create a delicious soft-serve without wasting any products or ad additional sugar or dairy in our products.

We want to take a leading role and champion the fight for equal access to nutrition, environmental protection, and a greater quality of life around the globe.